Dr. Noah's Story

Image Born in 1956 in Tehran, Iran, as Nasser Ordoubadi, Dr. Noah McKay came to Boston, Massachusetts in 1974, to attend Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated in the top 5% of his class and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. He received his Bachelor of Science degree with a Magna Cum Laude in Biology in 1978, and attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. He was awarded his Doctorate degree in Medicine in 1983. Dr. Noah completed his internship at the Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, Washington, and in the spring of 1985, began his medical career as a General Practitioner at the General Medical Clinics in Seattle, Washington. Two years later he became a partner and opened the third GMC clinic in Auburn, Washington. In Sept. 1989, shortly after purchasing a half interest in Probiologic Inc., a 20-year old Nutraceutical company, he suddenly fell ill.
The mysterious and life-threatening heart condition, a suspected viral cardiomyopathy, confined him to bed for six months. Modern cardiology offered him oxygen, angiography and heart stimulants, but little hope for a full recovery. Dr. Noah's search for a cure led him to many first hand encounters with unorthodox healers and healing traditions. He took exotic herbs and practiced Yoga, prayer, meditation and Qi Gong daily. He found time to research and investigate the mysteries of Quantum Physics and instantaneous healing.
In October 1990, on the morning of the last day of his 30-day, no-food, no-water fast, which nearly killed him, he experienced a spontaneous healing event. He described his inexplicable instantaneous healing miracle as a Holomorphic event. He used the theories and formulas of Quantum physics to illustrate his body's instant transformation and later condensed his new experience into the 10-step Quantum Healing Curriculum. In his new found excitement, he hurried to introduce the healing principles into his medical practice. His disability allowed him to see and experience both sides of the hospital bed, as patient and as physician.
Inspired by his life-changing experience and burdened by the responsibility of sharing this remarkable healing strategy with others, he became CEO of General Medical Clinics. In three years the clinics expanded to six locations and with a staff of 150 staff and thirty practitioners, provided around the clock medical care to approximately 30,000 patients. Annual revenue for the General Medical Clinics in 1996 was $5 million. The outpatient medical centers managed 92,000 visit annually, were open seven days a week and provided the widest spectrum of care—from urgent care, internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, gynecology and orthopedics to acupuncture, biofeedback, nutrition, massage, yoga, physical therapy, podiatry, hypnotherapy and naturopathy. The first of its kind in Washington State, and perhaps the country, the Integrated multi-specialty approach to care grew popular with the public and regional employers.
In 1996, Dr. Noah co-founded WellNet LLC. Capitalized by $2 million the holding company intended to take the popular integrated practice concepts nationwide through an initial public offering. Dr. Noah’s life long dream of building a functional East/West healing center was within his grasp. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Noah co-founded PSPA, the Puget Sound Physicians Association, the largest independent physician association in the state of Washington in 1995. Over 5,000 patients in this group enjoyed the benefits of a fully integrated health care program at General Medical Clinics for under $115/ month in the Healthy Options program. The integral practice model was popular with patients, but not with insurance companies and eventually triggered a joint investigation by the Department of Justice.
In 1999, after four long years of litigation, federal charges were filed against Dr. Noah and three clinic managers at GMC and WellNet LLC. By the end of 2000 all six clinics were shut down and Dr. Noah had filed for corporate and personal bankruptcy. Legally overwhelmed and physically and emotionally drained, Dr. Noah agreed to the government's Plea Bargain agreement. He was charged with Health care fraud and sentenced to a 35 month prison sentence at the Sheridan Federal Prison Camp in Sheridan, Oregon. He began his sentence on Feb. 1, 2001. The dream of building an integrated model of care was on hold, but only temporarily. Today he reflects back on this dark period of his life, he sees only light, love and an endless supply of possibility and hope for humanity and medicine. He could not have imagined the dramatic positive outcome from his prison experience in the wildest of his dreams.
Paradoxically, prison provided just the right combination of opportunities for reflection, forgiveness, healing and creative thinking. In the solitude of his new sanctuary, Dr. Noah seeded the idea of Wellness at Warp Speed. Wellness at Warp Speed is more a multi-dimentional program than a title for a book. It begins with the supposition that light-speed wellness is possible, and more importantly that it is attainable by anyone in any given condition. Dr. Noah demonstrated practical examples of how this is done at his one-day wellness seminars.
Mathematical formulas advanced one hundred years ago by the giants of Quantum Physics confirm the inter-connectivity of our universe. In some very mysterious way, forces invisible to our senses and gadgets seem to connect our thoughts and actions to the actions and thoughts of other beings and events. The universe has eyes and ears and nothing said or done is every lost on it. Nine months into Dr. Noah's prison sentence, his patients joined a class action lawsuit against the major health insurance companies in Washington state who had not offered subscribers access to alternative and complementary practitioners. Regence Blue Shield the leading institution behind the investigation of Dr. Noah's clinics, quietly made a settlement of $30 million! Today most insurers in Oregon and Washington cover alternative and complementary providers in their coverage. The struggle to keep integral medicine a viable alternative to conventional hospital care continues on and is by no means settled by these victories. In this one instance and for now, the governing healthcare institutions of the Pacific Northwest have heard and felt the power of 'We the People'..
In April 2003, Dr. Noah had Aortic Valve replacement surgery. His experiences in the cardiac care unit, this time as a patient, helped him gel some of the fundamental components of his Wellness at Warp Speed program. Technical and surgical solutions are an important part of the experience, but healing is faster, more complete and infinitely more successful when it is integrated with love and compassion. Dr. Noah is forever indebted to Dr. Andrew Tsen, his heart surgeon and the caring nursing staff of Providence Hospital in Portland, Oregon.
Fully inspired, Dr. Noah has taken his fundamental healing message of love, compassion and forgiveness to people and institutions around the world. His message of love and gratitude has inspired thousands of people at seminars and public appearances in Costa Rica, Japan, Dubai, Iran, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, and the United States. His mission is simple. He want us to integrate love and gratitude back into our family, our relationships, our careers, and institutions. He dreams of a day in the very near future when we can teach an educational curriculum based on love, compassion and non-violence at all our schools and colleges. Our future and the future of our planet will depend on it. "The age of love-inspired Quantum healing is upon us; Together lets rethink a new building strategy based on the fundamental lessons of love, compassion and non-violence" --Dr. Noah
With great sadness, we announce the death of Dr. Noah. He died in February 2009 from complications of an aortic dissection. He survived the initial surgical repair and amazed the hospital and medical staff with his spirit and determination. He is survived by his wife of 20 years and their two children. He was well loved and will be missed by many.